Reflexology and Reiki, In home treatments

Have you heard about Reflexology? As a reflexologist I study the reflexes in the body. I help your body heal, energize and perform at it optimal capacity.

Buy waking up the Sen lines in the body I help the reflex stimulation get to where it needs to be. I practise foot reflexology but do add in some acupressure points on the hand at times too. By stimulating reflexive point in the foot we can connect your brain to where it need to focus your own healing abilities.

I offer free consults for all my services so get in touch! I am happy to chat with you and see if these modalities might be a good fit for you.

Reflexology, Reiki and more....

As a reflexologist and reiki master I offer in home treatment for clients in the Ottawa area.

Traditional Postnatal Belly Binding

Postnatal belly binding can help your body heal quicker after delivery.  Our method was created by a doula, a chiropractor and a physiotherapist to maximize benefits.


I am honoured to be part of the birth and care of new families in the city of Ottawa as a birth and postpartum doula. 

Doula Associaation

I have work in the city of Ottawa as a doula since 2012, helping new parents in a passion of mine!  

As the president of the Ottawa Valley Doulas Association I bring that passion into helping doulas and hospital work together to bring new parents positive birthing experiences.


Planning has already begun for the Ottawa Latches On 2019!

Stay tuned for some exciting changes