Babywearing is an amazing parenting tool!

Follow my link above to find a tutorial for using a woven wrap, and check out the rest of the videos there too!

Babywearing 101

Come check out National Capital Doula's Babywearing 101, free babywearing drop in workshops. These monthly meetings are casual, but very educational. Feel free to bring the whole family, or even if you are still waiting for your baby to make an appearance. Click the photo above for more info.

I have been working with parents and baby carriers since 2012, I started wearing my own babies in 2008. A lot has changed over that time. I stay current with recommendations and safety regulation as well as working with parents in my community.

I have attended the Canadian Babywearing School Educators Program. I have worked with a diverse variety of parents as well, helping parents with multiples, special needs babies as well as parents who have specific physical needs.

I have a vast knowledge base that I continue to grow and change as the industry changes to help my clients.