Do you have a carrier that you are having trouble with?

Are you curious about what options are out there?

Do you want to learn a new carry with your wrap?

I can help!
I offer a variety of workshops, personalized courses and one on one help. I also have an extensive lending library which allows for families to try different options before taking the plunge into purchasing a carrier

Babywearing a newborn in rainbow wrap

I have been working with parents and baby carriers since 2012, I started wearing my own babies in 2008. A lot has changed over that time. I stay current with recommendations and safety regulation as well as working with parents in my community.

I have attended the Canadian Babywearing School Educators Program. I have worked with a diverse variety of parents as well, helping parents with multiples, special needs babies as well as parents who have specific physical needs.

I have a vast knowledge base that I continue to grow and change as the industry changes to help my clients the best way I can