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By: Andria Bell | July 22, 2018

The first few months of breastfeeding was one of the most challenging and isolating periods of time in my life. I remember sometimes feeling as though I couldn’t leave my house for more than 20 minutes at a time in case I had to feed my baby. There were many times when I felt as though I had to miss out on social gatherings. The phrase “I can’t, he has to nurse” was something my partner heard all too often. It wasn’t that I couldn’t physically nurse elsewhere, it’s that I wasn’t comfortable. I would nurse in front of my partner and my mom, and that was it. 


It wasn’t until 8 weeks postpartum that I stumbled across my first “Mommy & Me yoga class”. I watched how each Mom used their preferred method of feeding (ie: the...

By: Andria Bell | April 08, 2017

Bitter Sweet Birthdays and Birth Trauma

Birthdays are usually full of joy and celebration. Sometimes Birthing day anniversaries can be difficult too.  If the parents experienced birth trauma it can be a day full of mixed emotions.

What better way to get through a tough, triggering birthing day then be in the EXACT same OR room, with the same anesthesiologist followed up by the same nurse you had during your traumatic experience.  

As a doula I was ecstatic to support an incredibly strong women become a mother.  There was no better way I could think of sending the day then being there for this amazing couple.  I found being there for them helped me during a day that could have been extremely hard.

Having to be there for them ...

By: Andria Bell | March 29, 2017

Ok its definitely time to get some carrier and wrap reviews up here! I am starting with an all time favorite of mine. This wrap is versatile, comfortable, easy to use and affordable! Plus there are soooo many beautiful option to choose from as for as print goes.  I often buy this wrap as a shower gift for friends and family as I love to share my love for this wrap.  So much so I have become an official ambassador for this wrap company: Wrapsody. 

They don't pay me, I volunteer my time to share the love for these wraps.  Which i would do with or without the ambassador title.  The one thing I do get is a wonderful connection and  in the Wrapsody ambassador family.  So blessed to be part of such an amazing gro...

By: Andria Bell | November 08, 2016

I sit in awe this week, I have learned so much. As the world gets smaller, connected by the World Wide Web, we learn what one small company in one part of the world does effect people from all parts of the world. We all have to keep our eye and ears open.  Know better do better! My official stance on wraps like Prima and  companies like Didymos.  Is that's it's not for me to have a stance!  I am a white Canadian women and will hold space for people to feel and learn. My ears and eyes are open I am learning and doing better.

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