By: Andria Bell | February 22, 2020

I am finishing up another certification and would love to share me technique with you! i am looking for some volunteer clients.  I would love to find a few people who have had reflexology previously, either with me, but also with other practitioners, some people just trying out this modality for the first time, and some people that would like to do a few volunteer sessions as a case study of 5-6 sessions.

What is Reflexology

By: Andria Bell | November 04, 2018

There is really no way to describe the depth of the sleep debt you reach as a new parent.  I try to explain to client the exhaustion that comes with parenting, but there is nothing to compare it to.  

As a pregnant young women I thought to myself, oh I partied hard in my 20's I got up.and went to work all hung over all the time. I can do this!  Boy was I misguided.

Now at first it's not that bad at all. Brand new newborns are cute and sleep all the time.  They may wake up every couple hours to eat, but they go back to sleep easily and aren't all that interested in interacting with the world.  

Then they grow, hit developmental leaps which keep them from wanting to sleep.  They just wanna practise their skills all....

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By: Andria Bell | November 02, 2018

There is a bit of a buzz around reflexology treatments at the moment. Which was a pleasant coincidence as I was finishing my training.

So what is it? Reflexology is a massage treatment based on the reflex points in the body. There are reflex points in the hands, feet, back and ears.  I focus of foot reflexology as well as a few points in the hands, especially when coaching clients on self treatment.  That's the basics!

What does a reflexology treatment look like with me?  Your treatment plan starts before you walk in my door (or when I walk in yours, since I do a lot of in home treatment)  Before I even book your appointment I offer a free consultation and get a medical history.  I want to make sure the treatment is a...

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By: Andria Bell | October 29, 2018

It's the most wonderful time of the year! Halloween has always been my most favorite "special day".  While most people felt it was a day to be something other then your normal.everyday self.  I found it was a time I could express myself more and feel more like myself.  Growing up I could do Halloween everyday!  

Now that I have children it really awesome,  though it's tough when they want to pick their own costumes and not humoured their mom and her far out ideas.

This year we have A dino skeleton, a Rapunzel, a slenderman, and a zombie.  My hubby an I are usually Star Trek Crew members.

My youngest daughter loves Halloween, she loves scary movies even more then I do.  Our youngest son on the other ...

By: Andria Bell | July 22, 2018

The first few months of breastfeeding was one of the most challenging and isolating periods of time in my life. I remember sometimes feeling as though I couldn’t leave my house for more than 20 minutes at a time in case I had to feed my baby. There were many times when I felt as though I had to miss out on social gatherings. The phrase “I can’t, he has to nurse” was something my partner heard all too often. It wasn’t that I couldn’t physically nurse elsewhere, it’s that I wasn’t comfortable. I would nurse in front of my partner and my mom, and that was it. 


It wasn’t until 8 weeks postpartum that I stumbled across my first “Mommy & Me yoga class”. I watched how each Mom used their preferred method of feeding (ie: the...