By: Andria Bell | April 08, 2017

Bitter Sweet Birthdays and Birth Trauma

Birthdays are usually full of joy and celebration. Sometimes Birthing day anniversaries can be difficult too.  If the parents experienced birth trauma it can be a day full of mixed emotions.

What better way to get through a tough, triggering birthing day then be in the EXACT same OR room, with the same anesthesiologist followed up by the same nurse you had during your traumatic experience.  

As a doula I was ecstatic to support an incredibly strong women become a mother.  There was no better way I could think of sending the day then being there for this amazing couple.  I found being there for them helped me during a day that could have been extremely hard.

Having to be there for them ...

By: Andria Bell | May 09, 2015

Whether you are expecting a baby, moving, or just want to get rid of all the STUFF lying around your house decluttering can be tough and overwhelming at times. If you are a pregnant family you have added incentive and a deadline to get things ready in the home.  Take this opportunity to get things out of your house you are not in love with.  Clothes, decor, furniture.  Don't keep stuff around for others.  Like your sister gave you this figurine if you do not love it, DO NOT KEEP IT.  Now if you are minimalist as it is then maybe consider giving it a home for a while ;)  This will set you up for success later on.  With kids come all this STUFF.  I have moved with 2 suitcases many times before having k...

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By: Andria Bell | March 24, 2015

One question I get asked a lot is, "So you're like a midwife?"  No a doula is NOT a midwife.  Canadian Midwives are health care providers, in Ontario you can choose to be under the care of a Midwife or OB.  A Doula, on the other hand, is a support person/coach hired by you to support you and your family. "But my Partner is my support person, so i don't need a Doula, right?"  Sure, if that what your plan is that is great!  That what will work best for you.  A doula can add a lot to the team, along side your partner.  We can provide guidance for them when they may not know how to support you best. "But I am planning a hospital birth"  This one always gets me as the majori...