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By: Andria Bell | October 29, 2018

It's the most wonderful time of the year! Halloween has always been my most favorite "special day".  While most people felt it was a day to be something other then your normal.everyday self.  I found it was a time I could express myself more and feel more like myself.  Growing up I could do Halloween everyday!  

Now that I have children it really awesome,  though it's tough when they want to pick their own costumes and not humoured their mom and her far out ideas.

This year we have A dino skeleton, a Rapunzel, a slenderman, and a zombie.  My hubby an I are usually Star Trek Crew members.

My youngest daughter loves Halloween, she loves scary movies even more then I do.  Our youngest son on the other hand,  is scared of uncarved pumpkins! Thia should be interesting.

I would love to see you Halloween get ups, anything cool from this year or past years. 

K as Miranda Sings
Vampire, the Flash and a Police Officer

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