By: Andria Bell | February 22, 2020

I am finishing up another certification and would love to share me technique with you! i am looking for some volunteer clients.  I would love to find a few people who have had reflexology previously, either with me, but also with other practitioners, some people just trying out this modality for the first time, and some people that would like to do a few volunteer sessions as a case study of 5-6 sessions.

What is Reflexology

A pressure technique performed on the foot that stimulates reflexes and using zone theory, helps your systems of your body to find homeostasis.  I am certified currently in a a few techniques and looking to expand my knowledge in the reflexes and how your body can heal it self.

If you are interested in more information, send me an email at, 

Chjeck out more info here: 


Heather Harry

Posted on : February 23, 2020

Hi Andrew....
I have had reflexology done on my feet many times. I love the feeling of having “ baby” feet again. When I leave my appointment it is as if it is the first time walking. I would most certainly volunteer for you if needed. Totally believe in benefits of reflexology!

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