You are your own healer:

Holistic Wellness Program

This program tailors to your needs. Here is a basic structure for the HW30 program:

  • Intake meeting to figure out what options will work for you.
  • Weekly emails sharing a weekly exercise to add to your routine as well as recipes chosen for you! Food is medicine.
  • Weekly energy work sessions (meditation, reiki, readings)
  • Weekly strategy sessions: strength, mental health, wealth, purpose. (Using CBT method)
  • 2 phone calls to talk through how things are going and connect.

Covid-19 special:  $25 per person for April 2020.

A little about me!

My main goal in life is to help others anyway I can.  I have been a birth and postpartum doula in Ottawa Ontario since 2013.  I also studied lactation, babywearing, pre/post natal and childrens yoga, to give clients the best information.  As a mom of 4 kids I started to grow as they did, looking for help managing mental health and anxiety, I studied cognitive behavioral therapy, reiki, reflexology, energy healing, meditation and breathing  yoga and art therapies.  

I have overcome a lot in my time and want to help others find their own feet and get themselves where they want to be.