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Holistic Wellness

I am looking for some volunteer clients who would like to try out reflexology for the first time, and some who have had treatment by other practitioners before. I am a certified Reflexologist but looking to cross certify this means I need feet!

These sessions are on a volunteer bases and does require some paper work (average to other clinic intake)

I will be accepting donations for Roger Nelson House if anyone would like to contribute

I need some people looking for multiple sessions

Are you available to do multiple session to see any changes that occur over your case?  I need a few people that want to set some goals and see if we can make any headway.

What does a treatment look like.

I will have to options for location,  I can come to you, or I will have some pop up in-clinic options as well.

-I have a comfy massage table if you have space, otherwise a recliner or comfy chair can work too.

-I will chat with you about any concerns you have

-Examine your feet and perform a reflexology session 

-Discuss any thing that my have come up 

Treatments are not painful and can help your body focus on the areas it need the most healing.  I strive to get your body to homeostasis.

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