Andria Bell

Holistic Wellness
Reflexology, In home treatment

** Limited time, Introductory price $26 for my first 15 clients to book a session. The price will go back to $65 after that, first come first served**********

Reflexology massage and reflex point treatment in your home (or mine). This is for a full treatment, which lasts about an hour.  Once you purchase this item I will send you a intake form and appointment availability.

Price in CAD : 


Distance Reiki Session

AS a Reiki Master I offer distance reiki session to anyone in the world!   Once you purchase this option I will send you and intake form, available appointment times.  I will also need a photo of you before your scheduled time.  I can facilitate most requests within 48 hours.

Price in CAD : 


Reiki In home Session

I come to you and perform a reiki session.  Once you choose this option I will send you an intake form and available appointments.

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Belly Binding Session

This is a single session, in person (my home or yours) to show you and your partner or support how to use and tie a binding.   

Once you buy this option I will contact you and book a time to visit with you.  If you also want a Binding see the option below.

Price in CAD : 


Belly Binding Wrap and Session

This includes a basic binding as well as a private session teaching you and your support/partner how to tie the binding.

There are upgrade options in the fabric, I will contact you after buying to see if you want to stick with a basic unbleached muslin binding ($70) or upgrade to hand dyed, or to a Batik fabric.

Price in CAD : 


Belly Binding Only

Already know how to Tie a binding, just need the fabric, this option is for you. This price is the basic unbleached muslin binding,  I will contact you after buying to see if you want to stay basic or upgrade to a different fabric choice. This price doesn't include shipping, but that is always an option as well. 

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Read to Steep Nourishment Tea

15 Bags of Nourishment tea, all read to steep. 

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