Holistic Wellness
What to expect during the 4th trimester

(This workshop is also offered in a group setting, if you want info about an upcoming group workshop please get in touch.)

Learn about basic newborn care, learn about infant feeding, including breastfeeding, paced bottle feeding and why bottles aren't just as simple as popping in babies mouth. Learn about purple crying, colic and gas- OH MY!

How to soothe a fussy baby and why your baby does what they do.

Newborns operate on instincts, how we evolved plays into what newborns need

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In Home Babywearing Session One

This package includes one in home babywearing session. I bring a bunch or different carriers, accessories, a demo baby and babywearing instructions. I go over different types of carriers, finding fit for you and your lifestyle.

I also offer email follow up after the session to help you buy the right carrier for you, navigate local and online stores, as well as used carriers. I can send you instruction videos and helpful tips as well.

Once you book this session I will contact you to book you sessions

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In Home Babywearing Session Two

This package included two sessions in your home, but no support otherwise.  I come to your home with carriers, asseccories and a demo doll.  The first session we narrow down what carriers might work for you.  The second session I come and help you with your new carrier, as well as try out some other carriers, or help you narow things down more.

This is a great option if you want to shop before baby arrives.  I can fisit you during pregnancy, then come after baby and make sure you are comfortable with your carrier and it is the best one for you.

Once you book this session I will contact you to book you sessions

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Babywearing Online Support

This package includes online communications to help you with babywearing questions, buying carriers, safety advice.

The price below is the basic package, if you need some extra help, or Skype support there will be a secondary fee, depending on what you need.

Once you buy this package I will contact you and analyze your needs,  this price maybe all you need, or there might be more that needs to be added one, but that will be laid out in our first communication.

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Belly Binding Session

This is a single session, in person (my home or yours) to show you and your partner or support how to use and tie a binding.   

Once you buy this option I will contact you and book a time to visit with you.  If you also want a Binding see the option below.

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Belly Binding Wrap and Session

This includes a basic binding as well as a private session teaching you and your support/partner how to tie the binding.

There are upgrade options in the fabric, I will contact you after buying to see if you want to stick with a basic unbleached muslin binding ($70) or upgrade to hand dyed, or to a Batik fabric.

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Belly Binding Only

Already know how to Tie a binding, just need the fabric, this option is for you. This price is the basic unbleached muslin binding,  I will contact you after buying to see if you want to stay basic or upgrade to a different fabric choice. This price doesn't include shipping, but that is always an option as well. 

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Read to Steep Nourishment Tea

15 Bags of Nourishment tea, all read to steep. 

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Bells Babies Nourishment Tea- Infusion Kit

This "tea" is actually to be brewed as an infusion letting the herd steep for an extended period (4 hours works well) and replenishes vital nutrients.   Its a great addition at any time, but especially so during pregnancy and while breastfeeding as your bodies nutrition needs are higher.

(Ingredients: Dandelion root, Nettle, Red Raspberry Leaf, Oat straw)


This kit comes in a Mason jar and includes 6 (on average) infusions    $17CAD